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Chinese Girl Names

Hereunder are the mostly used and real and indigenous Chinese names for girls in Chinese characters instead of just Pinyin names you can find everywhere on the web. You can find these names in Chinese characters with their English meanings.

Chinese names are usually formed by three Chinese characters, such as 张爱红(Zhāng ài hóng), 张(Zhāng) is the surname, 爱(ài) and 红(hóng) are the name. It can also be formed by the two Chinese characters, such as 张红(Zhāng hóng), 张(Zhāng) is the surname, 红(hóng) is the name. 张爱红(Zhāng ài hóng) and 张红(Zhāng hóng) are the mostly used for Chinese girls.

Chinese Character Chinese Pinyin English Meanings   Chinese Character Chinese Pinyin English Meanings
ài Love   bǎo Treasure
Green jade   cǎi Colorful
chán Beautiful and graceful girl   cuì Emerald green; Jade greeen
dài Black, eyebrow beautifier   dān Red
é Beautiful girl   fāng Fragrant
fèng Phoenix   hóng Red
huā Flower   huán Jade ring
huì Benevolence; kindness   jiāo Charming, lovely, beautiful girl
Chrysanthemum flower   juān Graceful
lán Orchid flower   Jasmine
Beautiful   lián Lotus
lín Beautiful jade   méi Plum blossom
měi Beauty   Graceful girl
Little girl   qiàn Pretty
qiǎo Artful, clever   qīng Blue, green
qióng Red Jade   shān Coral; Precious
shū Kind and gentle   tíng Graceful
wén Beautiful clouds   xiá Colorful clouds; morning or evening glow
xián Refined and skilled   xiāng Fragrant; Aromatic
xiù Elegant; Excellent   xuě Snow
yàn Colorful; Gorgeous   yàn Swallow
yīng Golden oriole   Jade
yuán Graceful young lady   yún Cloud
zhēn Faithful; Chastity or being chaste   zhēn Precious; treasure
zhī Fragrant; noble   zhū Pearl
姿 Appearance   Purple; violet