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Chinese Boy Names

Hereunder are the mostly used and real and indigenous Chinese names for Boys in Chinese characters instead of just Pinyin names you can find everywhere on the web. You can find these names in Chinese characters with their English meanings.

Chinese names are usually formed by three Chinese characters, such as 赵建安(Zhào jiàn ān), 赵(Zhào) is the surname, 建(jiàn) and 安(ān) are the name. It can also be formed by the two Chinese characters, such as 王刚(wáng gāng), 王(wáng) is the surname, 刚(gāng) is the name. 赵建安(Zhào jiàn ān) and 王刚(wáng gāng) are the mostly used for Chinese boys.

Some Chinese surname is compound surname, such as 欧阳(ōu yáng).

Chinese Character Chinese Pinyin English Meanings   Chinese Character Chinese Pinyin English Meanings
ān Peace; in good health   bào Leopard
Waves   cái Fortune
chéng Accomplish; succeed   Virtue
dōng East; orient   fēng Peak
gāng Hard; solid; unyielding   guó Country; nation
Tiger   huī Splendor; brightness
jiàn build; construct; establish; found   jiàn Health
jié Outstanding; a hero; an elite   kāng Health
Power; strength   liàng Bright; shining
lóng Dragon   měng Fierce; vigorous
níng Tranquil; peaceful   péng Big bird; A roc
qiáng Strong   shì Generation
sōng Pine   tāo Big waves
tiān Heaven   wěi Great; big
wén elegant; gentle; refined; literature   Martial; brave and daring
xióng Male; grand; powerful   Firm; resolute
yǒng Brave   yǒu Friendly; friend
zhèn Shake; shock; quake