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Copycatting Culture: the english version of "Spicy girl"

Nowdays the Copycatting Culture (山寨文化|Shanzhai Culture) is popular in every field in China. This Chinese term literally refers to the mountain strongholds of bandits. First borrowed to describe rip-off products, it has evolvedto refer also to homemade products, such as video parodies of movies.

Though I have seen a lot of simulated things on internet, I don't know they belong to "Copycatting Culture". The most impressive one is the english version of "Spicy girl". I knew the song from internet and at that time most people laughed a lot about the song.

    Song Lyrics

    Spicy girl

    Spicy girl

    Spicy spicy girl girl girl

    Little spicy girl doesn't fear pepper

    Bigger spicy girl doesn't fear pepper

    Fear no peppers when marry

    Suspend a pepper touching mouth

    Spicy girl never fear pepper

    She doesn't fear pepper by nature

    Fear no peppers when go out

    Holding many peppers can talk

    Spicy sweat is super hot

    Spicy tear is super hot

    Spicy fire is super hot

    Spicy music is super hot